Collecting listing fee for a centralized exchange has begun.

Goal is $100k

Pawth Marketing Progress


One of the major obstacles for Pawthereum investors, as we all know, is the high gas fees on the Ethereum network. This issue affects all investors, but smaller investors are hit the hardest. We have been researching multiple solutions, including layer 2 and side chains. We’ve even done some development work on a BSC option, but this takes time. We believe the next logical step is listing on a larger centralized exchange, one with enough volume and credibility for us to consider. Pawthereum is listed on BigONE but it isn’t available (officially) to US members. The listing on Biconomy this week was primarily for our US members to have an official option, but this is a smaller exchange with lower volume. For this reason, we are researching additional exchange options.

Contribute to the fundraiser by sending ETH to this address:



Usually we would get an offer from a CEX and if there is a requirement we aren’t able to meet, we would ask for help from the community. This time there isn’t a specific offer on the table, but there have been numerous messages from different community members asking us to set up this progress bar so they can send us some ETH to help with an eventual listing. That’s why the goal of 100% is a general number of $100k. This would definitely be more than enough for the majority of exchanges and as soon as we get an offer we will update the bar to the exact required amount.

Step 1: Fundraiser
Collect enough funds in case exchange requires it

Step 2: Social Activity
Get enough followers in TG and Twitter

Step 3: Communication with exchanges
While this is happening continue conversation with different groups and exchanges about possible listing

Step 4: Confirmation of an offer
Once we get an offer we will edit this page and the progress bar accordingly.

After agreement with the exchange we will announce the date and listing pair to the community. 


  • This does NOT guarantee listing.
  • Any funds collected will be used for the purposes set forth on this page. If collected funds exceed the amount required for listing, the excess will be used for development and marketing.
  • Upon reaching the goal of 100% we will still take our time to think about the options and choose the one that is best for the project
  • WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU. We don’t have any technical support people who are working for us. So please only follow the instructions of the admins. If you have any concerns please either send a message to our telegram group or our discord server. We will reply as soon as possible.