Pawthers Pets Finalists

Thank you everyone for participating in the Pawther’s Pets contest.

There are three finalists for the split Grand Prize of the Pawther’s Pets contest. Placing will be determined by community vote, as a first test of the My.Pawth voting system.

50,000 PAWTH will go to First place
30,000 PAWTH to Second
20,000 PAWTH to Third
Choose you favorite, and cast your vote. No finalist will walk away without a prize. Everyone that takes care of animals (and loves Pawthereum) is a winner to us. The vote will remain open for 72 hours.
Vote here


Her name is 💎 Precious 💎 She acts like a little princess when it comes to food, very fussy eater. Loves attention and sleeping in the same bed with me, loudly purrrrring in the late hours of the night…


This is Opie. He is a 3rd generation good boy from a line of boxers that has been in our family for about 20 years now. Opie is loving, dopey, and loyal to a fault. He is an expert hugger and a bottomless vacuum for our children’s crumbs.

Yasha and Lyola

My cats are a brother and a sister (Yasha and Lyola), they spend their time always together. Lyola is very sensitive, likes cuddling with people. Yasha is a playful boy, likes catching a toy ball when you throw it for him.