A decentralized, community-run charity cryptocurrency project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need.

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Updated November 2021

On behalf of my team, I am very proud to introduce Pawthereum, a blockchain project with animal welfare at its core. Our mission is to support animal shelters and be a digital advocate for animals in need.

We aim to become the leading disruptor of charitable crypto giving by utilizing the advantages of the blockchain to obtain funding, bypass middlemen, and donate directly to shelters and rescues around the world.

We also plan to be a loud and public voice to teach animal-based charities about the benefits of decentralized finance and digital asset ownership.
With greater crypto-literacy, animal welfare organizations all over the world will benefit from increased donations from non-traditional donors.

Pawthereum has a dedicated leadership team, a strong and committed community, and a clear mission that guides everything that we do. We know that the highest levels of trust, integrity, and respect are necessary to succeed as one of the first major crypto-centric charity projects, and all of our decisions are made through that lens.

I invite you to join me as we fight for the betterment of animals all around the world. If we succeed, I know with certainty, Pawthereum will have a massive and positive impact on our furry friends.

– Nawzad Amiri, Founder and Leader of Pawthereum

About the $PAWTH Token

Pawthereum has charitable giving built into the functioning of our token –
$PAWTH. Every time a purchase or sale of $PAWTH happens on-chain (on the Ethereum Network), a 0.5% transaction fee is automatically gathered and set aside in a secure multi-signature charity wallet.

That is it. We have no other fees. Unlike other types of animal-related cryptocurrencies, there are no marketing fees, administration, or development fees. The core team works on a volunteer basis with assistance from the community to save more animals.

As our charity wallet fills up, the core team works to identify shelters in need, and our community members are also able to nominate shelters for consideration. Then we process donations and build relationships.

So far, we have donated over $70,000 over the 6 months prior to our launch, and we donated over $10,000 since launching October 10th, 2021. The value of our recent donations now tops $70,000 at current token prices.

Contact Information

Nawzad “Nawa” Amiri (Project Leader): [email protected]

Matt C-Roy (Charity Coordinator):

Myk (Project Developer): [email protected]