Founder’s Coin NFT

There are ONLY 99 of these Founder’s NFTs. We will never mint any more. The Founder’s Club will be exclusive to Founder’s Coin holders — there will be no other way to gain access. Because of the number of perks and the utility of this NFT, and being limited to only 99, we decided to set the price at $999 USDC

Founder’s Club

  • Exclusive access to Physical/Virtual Merchandise
  • 10% discount on official Pawthereum Merchandise
  • Whitelist for upcoming Pawthereum NFTs
  • Early and exclusive access to other project collaborations
  • Immediate whitelist reserved spot with these projects
  • FREE black hoodie with the $PAWTH logo after the merch shop launches
  • FREE minting of select future Pawthereum NFT projects
  • FREE NFT drops for partner projects
  • Invites to IRL events and meetups including our shelter partners
  • Giveaways and prizes!
  • Club members will continue to receive new exclusive benefits from Pawthereum products, services, and partnerships